IntLeB drill in Maribor | 5.3. – 9.3. 2018

This 5-days event represents a first part of the Interdisciplinary Learning Block (IntLeB) within the second interation of the Spationomy project. The host institution has already set up all the the rooms and places we need for successful teaching&learning. All participants will learn about a team management, geographical information systems, remote sensing, macro and microeconomy, quantitative methods, business informatics, visualisation and spatial economy. All in an intensive manner, theoretically and practically, and with a lot of fun. The “drill” is the first encounter between students and staff, and between different disciplines, educational backgrounds and nationalities. Good start of Spationomy 2018!

Scientific Laboratory 2018 in Bochum | 26.11/1.12.2017

Hello all Spationomy fans 🙂 We have just started 2nd cycle of the Spationomy project with the Scientific Laboratory (SciLab) 2018 in Bochum, Germany. Scientific Laboratory is dedicated to a scientific collaboration among staff members of participating organisations. We will discuss current research agenda, and brainstorm about a new applications of spatial and economical methods within a concept of spatial economy. Besides, we are about to deal with the project planning and management issues. Stay tuned with us…  

Spationomy Summerschool in Maribor | 16.6. – 22.6./2017

Spationomy Summerschool – the last part of IntLeB (Interdisciplinary Learning Block) – is held in Maribor, Slovenia. It is the final and the most demanding part of IntLeB. This 7-day course for all students is the culmination of IntLeB. Students will present their project assigned during the drill part. Then the intensive lectures (economy, decision making, business informatics, geomatics) will take place, followed by the simulation of “economic/business analytics issues from real world” via game-based learning, where they apply gained interdisciplinary knowledge, skills and abilities about economic data analyses using spatial methods.

IntLeB drill in Bochum | 27.2. – 3.3./2017

The first intensive short-term course (the drill part) of the Interdisciplinary Learning Block (IntLeB) is held in Bochum (Germany). The hosting institution (Ruhr-Universitaet Bochum) has already set up the course. Students will learn about a team management, quantitative methods, business informatics, geoinformatics and remote sensing, and many more. This unique encounter between all participating students and staff members is the first all-in-one event of the Spationomy.

IntLeB virtual meetings | 03 – 06/2017

After the Bochum Drill part of the Interdisciplinary Learning Block (IntLeB), there are virtual meetings planned for the rest of the semester until the Spationomy Summerschool in Maribor in June 2017. Virtual meeting comprises of (1) inter-group collaborative and remote work on the project and (2) regular one-hour Skype meetings with the project topic supervisor.

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