Spatial Exploration of Economic Data




The aim of this project is to improve students’ interdisciplinary skills by interconnecting different fields – economy, management, business informatics and (geo)informatics/geomatics. They will simulate economic/business analytics issues from real world via games during short-term intensive courses and blended mobility in order to bring economics/business and (geo)information together.

The mix of students establishes a platform for sharing knowledge on different levels of education. Students with different disciplinary backgrounds share a need and interest in learning about methodologies in advanced economic data analyses. Students will bring skills sets that complement each other and will share their experience. Spationomy helps to build the links between economy, quantitative data analysis and geomatics, mainly through informal learning.

Staff from participating organizations are directly participating in the project and will work together in order to bring their different specialization together, to develop new learning methodologies and to transfer interdisciplinary approaches (in various tasks) to students as well as to wide audience (via scientific outputs).

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IntLeB - Drill part

Interdisciplinary Learning Block (IntLeB) is the umbrella activity of the Spationomy project. Drill part represents the initial physical meeting of all the participants at the beginning of IntLeB (February each year). Knowledge and skills gained at the intensive short-term course will be adopted by students via student group projects continuously solved during the blended mobility. This 5-day course is focused on:
  • Intensive learning and teaching activites
  • Equalizing knowledge about different fields of study
  • Establishing students working groups for the next phase of IntLeB

IntLeB - Virtual part

At the end of the Drill part, students will choose thematic project on which they will be working during the semester until the Spationomy Summerschool. At the end of each month, virtual meetings with staff members (supervisors) will be held via Skype communication. There will be 1 hour of consultation with the staff per each group.

IntLeB - Spationomy Summerschool

Spationomy Summerschool represents the last and the most demanding part of IntLeB (Interdisciplinary Learning Block). This 7-day course for all students and staff members is the culmination of IntLeB and will be held each year in June. Students will be asked to present their project assigned in previous part of the IntLeB. Then the intensive lectures (economy, decision making, business informatics, geomatics) will take place, followed by the simulation of “economic/business analytics issues from real world” via game-based learning, where they apply gained interdisciplinary knowledge, skills and abilities about economic data analyses using spatial methods. Afterwards, they will present results from the simulation and open discussion will be held.


The Scientific Laboratory – SciLab – will be focused on interdisciplinary joint 5 days training in order to even and later to improve staff knowledge about the various disciplines (economy, management, business informatics, decision making and geomatics). SciLab will be also aimed at a scientific paper development and writing in order to strengthen an interdisciplinary cooperation and to facilitate a joint research agenda. SciLabs establish a platform for the project staff brainstorming, bringing and sharing ideas about issues addressed by the project. Last but not least the SciLab event will evaluate project progress and set future steps.

Timeline 2019




Spationomy conference | 22 August 2019

We are heading towards the end of Spationomy. On 22 August we are having a Final conference, a multiplier event where all the project results is presented. Besides, we will ceremonially introduce Spationomy methodology – a book published under the Springer-Nature. We also have a nice surprise for you all. So please, do not hesitate […]


3rd and last cycle of Spationomy

Hello all, we are about to start final cycle of the project. The first common gathering is planned at the beginning of February in Olomouc (Czechia). Later on in May, we plan to go to summer school in Bochum (Germany). We are looking forward to meeting you soon 🙂


2nd year of Spationomy is over

Dear all, it has been wonderful experience having you all here in Olomouc for the Spationomy summer school 2018. It was intensive and demanding week, but at the same time, it was great seeing you to enjoy the programme, content, excursions, evenings and Olomouc as it is. Although it is over, we hope you will […]


Summer School in Olomouc 2018

Hi folks, this is going to be wonderful week in Olomouc, that’s for sure. However, it will be more about you and your efforts you put into your project during semester, and efforts you will “sacrifice” for the simulation game at the end of the week. In the meanwhile, you will have a chance to […]



Spationomy conference | 22 August 2019

Spationomy concluding event is knocking on doors. The very last common gathering will take place in Olomouc on 22 August this summer. Everything what has been done during the Spationomy life-span will be presented. And much more… Come and see us. More info on the conference infopage.


Spationomy Summerschool in Bochum | 19. – 26. 5. 2019

The last event with physical mobility of students and teachers is scheduled for May 2019. This is also the last joint event within the whole Spationomy learning and teaching activities. Let’s have some more lecture and more fun and more of a simulation game. Geil Bochum! 🙂


IntLeB drill in Olomouc | 11.2. – 15.2. 2019

Asi in previous years, this 5-days event represents a first part of the Interdisciplinary Learning Block (IntLeB) within the third and last interation of the Spationomy project. MVSO and UPOL is ready to host all the participants this upcoming intensive teaching&learning block. Topics stays the same – team management, geographical information systems, remote sensing, macro […]


Spationomy Summerschool in Olomouc | 5. – 11. 6. 2018

Spationomy Summerschool – the last part of IntLeB (Interdisciplinary Learning Block) – this year held in Olomouc, Czechia. It is the final and most intensive part of IntLeB. This 7-day course for all students is the culmination of Spationomy cycle. Students will present their project assigned during the drill part. Then the intensive lectures (economy, decision […]



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