Spationomy Summerschool in Olomouc | 5. – 11. 6. 2018

Spationomy Summerschool – the last part of IntLeB (Interdisciplinary Learning Block) – this year held in Olomouc, Czechia. It is the final and most intensive part of IntLeB. This 7-day course for all students is the culmination of Spationomy cycle. Students will present their project assigned during the drill part. Then the intensive lectures (economy, decision making, business informatics, geomatics) will take place mainly in a form of interactive and hands-on workshops. At the end of the week, there will be a simulation of “economic/business analytics issues from real world” via game-based learning, where students apply gained interdisciplinary knowledge, skills and abilities about economic data analyses using spatial methods.

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dr. Vit Paszto
+420 585 63 4541

Moravian University College Olomouc
tř. Kosmonautů 1288/1, 779 00 Olomouc
Czech Republic


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