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2nd year of Spationomy is over

Dear all, it has been wonderful experience having you all here in Olomouc for the Spationomy summer school 2018. It was intensive and demanding week, but at the same time, it was great seeing you to enjoy the programme, content, excursions, evenings and Olomouc as it is. Although it is over, we hope you will stay with us and with your new friends. Please, stay tuned – photos are going to be online soon…

Summer School in Olomouc 2018

Hi folks, this is going to be wonderful week in Olomouc, that’s for sure. However, it will be more about you and your efforts you put into your project during semester, and efforts you will “sacrifice” for the simulation game at the end of the week. In the meanwhile, you will have a chance to deepen your knowledge you learn in previous stage of Spationomy, and you will acquire new skills during hands-on sessions. Moreover, there is an excursion-visit planned to local company where you will see implementation of spatial component in business. We are looking forward to having you here in Olomouc.

Spationomy Summerschool in Olomouc | 5. – 11. 6. 2018

Spationomy Summerschool – the last part of IntLeB (Interdisciplinary Learning Block) – this year held in Olomouc, Czechia. It is the final and most intensive part of IntLeB. This 7-day course for all students is the culmination of Spationomy cycle. Students will present their project assigned during the drill part. Then the intensive lectures (economy, decision making, business informatics, geomatics) will take place mainly in a form of interactive and hands-on workshops. At the end of the week, there will be a simulation of “economic/business analytics issues from real world” via game-based learning, where students apply gained interdisciplinary knowledge, skills and abilities about economic data analyses using spatial methods.

Drill in Maribor 2018 – start

Hello all, we are about to start the second cycle of famous Spationomy project. The kick-off is at 9 am at the Razlagova 20 building, in the room R04. After the introduction, we will continue with the team management game, basics of remote sensing, and introduction to microeconomics.

Spationomy Colloquium (SciLab 2017)

Besides the research agenda we have here in Bochum during SciLab, we invited special guests to take part in completely new feature of SciLab – a minievent called “Spationomy Colloquium”. The Colloquium starts on Wednesday afternoon (29 November) with three presentations:
  • 13.15-14.00 Autonomous Vehicles, Geodata and the Stack
    • Sam Hind, Siegen (DE)
  • 14.15-15.00From Colourful Views to Scientific Thoughts – Manned and Unmanned Earth Observation in Classrooms
    • Andreas Rienow, Bochum (DE)
  • 15.15-16.00Virtual Lecture on the Concept of Flipped Classroom
    • Bouke Van Gorp, Utrecht (NL)

Scientific Laboratory 2018 in Bochum | 26.11/1.12.2017

Hello all Spationomy fans 🙂 We have just started 2nd cycle of the Spationomy project with the Scientific Laboratory (SciLab) 2018 in Bochum, Germany. Scientific Laboratory is dedicated to a scientific collaboration among staff members of participating organisations. We will discuss current research agenda, and brainstorm about a new applications of spatial and economical methods within a concept of spatial economy. Besides, we are about to deal with the project planning and management issues. Stay tuned with us…  


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